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Under supervision in an area of TRACS space that houses animals, provide adequate care following all regulations set forth by federal, state and university policies.  Provide animal care by feeding, watering, and cleaning various animal caging and equipment used in biomedical research and teaching. Assess animal health by identifying and reporting all sick animals to veterinary staff. Perform rodent euthanasia. Keep animal rooms/areas clean by utilizing different agents to clean, disinfect and sanitize animal rooms.  Maintain and repair animal housing equipment. Perform recordkeeping and transport animals and supplies.  


For Full Consideration Apply By:  12/31/20

Job ID Number:  13907

Payroll Title:  Animal Technician

Department:  TRACS  

Salary Range:   $20.99 - $24.70 (budgeted rate: $20.99)


Quick Link To This Position:  Animal Technician (Animal Care Technician)