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Under general supervision, perform pronuclear, CRISPR, 8-cell and blastocyst microinjections or electroporation, harvest/prepare embryos for micro injection and/or electroporation, inject embryos and surgically transfer injected embryos into recipient mice and rats. Includes preparation of microinjection and transfer needles. Communicate and coordinate with investigators and their staff, and other members of the Mouse Biology Program, schedule microinjections, purify DNA and RNA construct for pronuclear injection, collect embryos and tissue, order mice and supplies. Perform surgical transplantation of embryos for rederivation and resuscitation. Perform record keeping and data entry. Training and instruction of all aforementioned tasks. Prepare documents to track costs and rate information for the financial performance of the MTGL laboratory. In addition, this position will attend meetings, provide reports both written and verbal, and is expected to participate in developing new methodology.

For Full Consideration Apply By:  12/31/2020

Job ID Number:  13905

Payroll Title:  Staff Research Associate 3 

Department:  Mouse Biology Program  

Salary Range:  $27.99 - $45.02 hourly (budgeted range: $27.99 - $29.71 hourly)


Quick Link To This Position:  SRA 3 (Microinjectionist CRISPR)