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Lab Rat Chat is a podcast created and hosted by AMP's Michael D. Hayre Fellow in Public Outreach, Jeff Marshall, a student at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Jeff's cohost is Danielle Dady, Senior Research Compliance Coordinator at Old Dominion University.


Lab Rat Chat seeks to remove the mystery surrounding the study of animals for biomedical progress. Together, Jeff and Danielle examine the importance and applicability of animal research to both veterinary and human medicine. The podcast features easy-to-understand, engaging conversations with a variety of experts including veterinarians, animal care and welfare specialists and researchers. 


We're officially launching the show this week and sharing the first five episodes. They are posted on all of the leading podcast platforms including: iTunes , Spotify , TuneIn , Stitcher , iHeart Radio , Buzzsprout , and Castro . You can also find the show on YouTube and Facebook.

We hope you will give it a listen in the car, at the gym or even at your desk. More importantly, we hope you will help us increase the impact of Lab Rat Chat. Please join us in gaining additional listeners by sharing the show on your social media feeds and by encouraging your institution or company to do the same.

We're also trying to make sure that Lab Rat Chat is featured as a "New and Noteworthy" podcast on iTunes, which will bring even more listeners. You can do this by posting a review of the show on iTunes. If we can get enough reviews, the podcast will receive this extra and important attention from Apple. 


We also invite you to share your feedback directly with us and let us know if you have ideas for future editions of the podcast. If so, feel free to email me. 


 Happy listening and please, help us get the word out about this exciting new program.  Thank you!


 Best, Paula