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2018 SVAALAS Board Members

·      President: Kelly Sison

·      Vice President: Taylor Hunsucker

·      Secretary: Patricia Grigg

·      Treasurer: Rhonda Oates

·      Directors: Shannon Powell and Emily Slocum

·      Past President: Roy Hoglund


Old SVAALAS Board and Committee Chairs 

·      President: Roy Hoglund

·      Vice President: Kelly Sison

·      Secretary: Jeanette Miramontes

·      Treasurer: Elizabeth Lu

·      Directors: Kristin Evans and Shannon Powell

·      Past President: Emily Slocum

·      Awards (Banquet Chair): Emily Slocum

·      District 8 Council Members : Shannon Powell and Kristin Evans

·      Education Committee Chair: Taylor Hunsucker

·      Membership Committee Chair: Kelly Sison

·      Nominations Committee Chair: Cha Yang

·      Public Relations Committee Chair: Britney Pannell

·      Communications Manager: Taylor Hunsucker

·      The Branch Representative (TBR): Taylor Hunsucker


 Happy New Year Everyone!